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Professor, Consultant, Author, Speaker

Dr. Bernard Schechterman


MECRA is pleased to introduce Professor Dr. Bernard Schechterman. He is an expert consultant and professor of International Relations, Terrorism, and Foreign policy. Dr. Schechterman is available for consultations and public (guest) speaker purposes.


Professor Dr. Bernard Schechterman


Professor Schechterman, now emeritus, is the former Chair of the Political Science Department at the University of Miami. He has been in academic life over 53 years, teaching 47 years, beginning in 1947 at the University of Wisconsin (Madison).

His undergraduate work was at Wisconsin, with course work interspersed at the University of Chicago. He completed a novel program, Bachelor of Social science (B.S.Sc.), in political science, history, economics, journalism and genetics at Wisconsin.

His M.A. and Ph.D. are from Indiana University (Bloomington) in political science, economics and sociology. As a product of the first Russian study program at Wisconsin (begun in 1946). He continued his area studies at Indiana across departmental lines, adding Middle East/North Africa (MENA) and American politics to his concentrations. His special background work include:The innovative Ford Foundation Arkansas Higher Education Experiment (1952-3); Founder and First Director of Judaic Studies at Miami (1958); Innovator of the Masterís in Public Administration at Miami (1994); one of the co-founders of the Center( now Graduate School for International Studies 1962); Consultancies with the Department of State, Defense, Former HEW,NSC, London Economist, Truman Institute (Jerusalem),Israeli/Foreign Ministry (N.American Division),Egyptian Ministry of Information; etc. He has guest lectured at 17 colleges and universities; co-founded and edited The Political Chronicle (Florida Political Science Associationís Journal); served editorially for The Middle East Review; served as editor for The Journal of Political Science; is a regular contributor to Choice (American Library Association Journal); serves on the Editorial Board of World politics (Dushkin/McGraw-Hill). He is a regular consultant to various publishing houses.

Aside from publications submitted to the National Security Council,The National Intelligence Board, U.S. Senate Committees, estimates, Israel Foreign Ministr. He has authored dozens of articles in professional journals and popular media covering the entire MENA region. He appears regularly on TV & radio on topics such as political terrorism, Middle East affairs, U.S. foreign policy, and the former Soviet Union.

He is the author & the editor of more than a dozen books. His most recent book is: Violence And Terrorism (Dushkin/McGraw Hill).Co-authored, it is currently in its 4th edition about to be produced in its 5th edition (1999-2000). As the leading supplemental text in the field, it is widely used in both academic and governmental circles and helped establish him as one of the leading experts in this critical area.

His positions in national, regional, local professional and civic organizations are too numerous. His years of activities and service in the election processes range from Washington, D.C. to N.Y., Wisconsin, Chicago, Indiana, Arkansas and Florida politics. He is still looking forward to true retirement.


For information: Contact: Randy Wright, MECRA,

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