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American Targets Why?

I'm the first to condemn such acts as criminal and insane. Unfortunately, the ones who pay the most for terrorist acts done in the name of Islam are the innocent Muslims who have to endure the shaming of Islam. If you do not think that 95% of the non-Muslims in this world will not see Islam negatively when acts are committed by groups called the Islamic Jihad, you are wrong, and all Muslims in this world should unite and beseech these terrorist groups to give up the name of Islam and Jihad. Last year when the slaughter of innocent terrorists took place in Luxor, Egypt, I was absolutely shocked and horrified, but most of all, I was so incredibly repulsed by the religion Islam. I could not help my reaction because my emotions were to strong about the brutal slaughter of those innocent people. Emotions have no logic, and I could not at the time feel anything positive for Islam. I was also ignorant of the tenets and history of Islam at the time as are most westerners. I have since then done a lot of reading about Islam and the cause and effect of why there is such political tension and hate for the U.S. and other countries, but I still do not condone slaughtering people, and I cannot justify what is taking place at the current time by the horrors committed by so called Christians who waged a war against the Muslims which is better known as the Crusaders hundreds of years ago. The discrimination and harassment by the FBI against Muslims in this country cannot "all" be the result of Jewish/Israeli PAC groups, an ignorant understanding of Islam or simply discrimination for no reason. At least 50% of the responsibility of the aversion to Islam by westerners must be attributed to the terrorist acts done in the name of Islam. Even as much as I have educated myself about the history and tenets of Islam, I still am shaken when there are terrorist acts done in the name of Islam which I then have to work through the emotional feelings of repulsion, but what about those who have not educated themselves about Islam and its history who are repulsed by the terrorist acts done in the name of Islam who have such a negative emotional reaction and project all of these negative feelings onto the total sum of Islam. Hopefully, the bombings in Africa will not be the acts of terrorist Islamic groups because if it is, it is many steps backwards against the Muslims ridding themselves of discrimination and a very bad image of Islam.

There is no doubt in my opinion that the U.S. is running scared in regard to terrorist acts done in the name of Islam and by radical white groups in the U.S. too, but there are terrorist acts that are responsible for this negative reaction; it is not simply discrimination because the religion is not a Judeo/Christian one. If is fear, and the more terrorists acts that are committed in the name of Islam, the deeper and more intense the fear will become. Most of all, those who may want to fight against the harassment by the FBI because they are Muslim, will not have the support of many Americans because the FBI will create so much fear among the Americans regarding Muslims in this country that the American people will feel no sympathy for the overzealous FBI because their safety is threatened which is not without merit considering a man by the name of Bin? something who has declared Islamic Jihad against the United States, and he has the millions of dollars to carry out his holy war. it come down to worrying about my family being blown to pieces by any of this Bin guys soldiers making there way to the U.S. with the intent to commit terrorist acts, you had better believe I will do all I may to protect my family, and I will probably not voice any argument against the FBI. Innocent Americans who have no control over foreign policy should not have to suffer at the hands of terrorists acts. I am sure that many of Bin's soldiers are already in the U.S., and I am also sure that there are serious security issues in this country that are being concealed from the American public so that panic and paranoia is not created.



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