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  "Peace is Patriotic"


MECRA is pleased to introduce Dr. Jamal A. Shurdom


Consultant, Professor, Speaker, Author &

The Executive Director - MECRA 1987 - Present


Dr. Shurdom was born in Amman, Jordan of Circassian parents.

He is an expert in International Affairs, National Security, Foreign Policy, Terrorism and Strategic Studies.


In 1974, Dr. Shurdom received his B.A. in International Studies from Fairleigh Dickinson University (New Jersey).

He received his M.A. (1977) and his Doctorate degrees (1980) in International Affairs from University of

Miami Graduate School for Advanced International Studies (Florida).


Dr. Shurdom is a former Fulbright Scholar (1985).



From 1980-1986,he served as a professor of politics and international relations at the Political

Science Department, University of Jordan.


From 1985 - present, he has been a visiting professor, researcher

and consultant at a number of institutions, in the United States.



He is the author of a number of published and unpublished books and professional articles and only to include:

U.S. Foreign Policy Strategy in the Middle East Since the 19th Century ( 1980);

The Soviet Foreign Policy Strategy Towards the Middle East(1980);

King Hussein & the Palestinian - Jordanian Civil War-1970 (1977);


And the most recent book, The Gulf War:

The Impact of Weapon Technology On The Environment and life in Iraq.


Dr. Shurdom is the Founder, Executive Director and Chief Editor of the

Middle East Consultations & Research Analysis - MECRA - 1987 - present.


He is a political syndicated analyst for a number of Arabic and English publications.


He participated in a large number of national and international conferences, forums, panels, and debates.


He appeared a guest speaker, and consultant on TV talk shows, news shows, radio talk shows, and before civic and community organization.


He is fluent in Arabic, English, with communication skills in Yugoslavian, Circassian and Russian languages.


He has extensive worldwide traveling experience.


Dr. Shurdom is a strong advocate of democracy & human rights in the Middle East.



Since the Gulf War, Dr. Shurdom has been invited two times by the Iraqi Ministry of Information to visit Iraq, where he conducted interviews with high-ranking Iraqi officials.

He met and interviewed different types of people, visited schools, hospitals, farms, villages,

factories, and downtown areas.


In addition, he exchanged views about the Arab-Israeli peace process with Iraqi and Jordanian intellectuals and ordinary people, in an attempt to convey an accurate and realistic reports.




 "If You Want Peace and Security, Work for Justice. Peace Is Patriotic!"

Dr. Jamal A. Shurdom



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