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CIA Chief:

Osama Bin Laden still a US security threat


Washington, Feb 1, 1999, the US Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing said that the Saudi dissident Osama Bin Laden, blamed by the US for last year's U.S. embassy bombings, is still a threat to US security and the CIA fears another attack could occur "at any time.There is not the slightest doubt that Osama bin Laden, his worldwide allies, and his sympathizers are planning further attacks against us.We are anticipating bombing attempts with conventional explosives, but his operatives are also capable of kidnappings and assassinations.

We have noted recent activity similar to what occurred prior to the African embassy bombings ... And I must tell you we are concerned that one or more of bin Laden's attacks could occur at any time.One of my greatest concerns is the serious prospect that bin Laden or another terrorist might use chemical or biological weapons.”

In relation to Iraq, Mr. Tenet said that Iraq most likely continue its "confrontational approach" this year and "his regime(Saddam) is not, as some have claimed, a house of cards." on the other hand, the CIA Chief talked about about Iran by saying that Iran was "more likely to face serious unrest in 1999 than at any time since the revolution 20 years ago.” He said that moderate forces in Iran were “on the ofensive” in their struggle with the country’s conservatives: “"We need to bear soberly in mind that reformists and conservatives agree on at least one thing: weapons of mass destruction are a necessary component of defense and a high priority. "Thus ... we need to be vigilant against the possibility of proliferation



CIA still sees US security threat from bin Laden


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