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  "Peace is Patriotic"

The Middle East Consultation & Research Analysis - MECRA

Founded in 1987 by

Dr. Jamal A. Shurdom

Professor, Consultant, Author, Speaker


MECRA is an independent private firm. The paramount objective of MECRA is to provide information and professional services to parties interested in the Middle East.

MECRA: encourages and promotes national and international trade, tourism, business contacts (Export & Import), offers Arabic/English translations and provides Middle East related courses, educational research and publications.

MECRA: members believe that, through professional research and sincere cooperation, they can contribute to the progress and prosperity of the Middle Eastern peoples.

MECRA: is a spark of hope and optimism to help illuminate the road to real and everlasting peace by developing channels of communication among Arabs, non-Arab Muslims, Jews, Christians and other "peace-loving" people. The spiritual strength of MECRA is based on our recognition of One God, who stands up tall for peace, whose peace must be graced with social justice, equality, human rights, political freedom and personal dignity.


MECRA International Journal

Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Jamal A. Shurdom

MECRA is a periodic Journal, internationally distributed. It is an independent publication. It is designed to encourage communication among all factions of the Middle East, as well as other scholars, public officials and related thinkers who study that interaction. It provides a market for international business contacts. Input from readers is strongly encouraged concerning articles, advertising, information on Middle East-related seminars and activities.

MECRA invites readers, experts, and general public to send in articles and letters for publication. We strongly respect all kinds of views and analyses. Positive criticism is a healthy process. Professional articles are not to exceed eight double-spaced pages of text. Other editorial matter can not exceed 350 words.

MECRA reserves the right to edit articles for clarity, moral standard, or space needs and has the right to reject the publication of any article without prior notice or explanation. We may and have, in certain circumstances, honored the requests for anonymity from some of our writers. We understand the danger, these sources shall remain anonymous for security reasons. Original MECRA articles may b reproduced only by written permissions.

Views in this Journal do not necessarily reflect the opinion of MECRA



"Any of you who sees evil should change it, by his hands if he can, by his word if he can, by his heart if he can, and this is the least faith."

Prophet Mohammed



MECRA - The Middle East Consultations & Research Analysis

Founder & President: Dr Jamal A Shurdom

Senior Consultant: Dr Radwan R Abdullah

Senior Consultant: Dr William F Angermeier

Editorial Assistant: Dr John J McTague

Research Psychologist: Dr John E Deaton

Middle East Correspondent: Abdullah Nimr

Staff Writers & Reporters: Marcia Rankin, Omar Dajani, Ameena K Shurdom

Public Relations Director Wallace J. Sadowski, Jr.

Marketing & Advertisement Director: Randy A. Wright, Jr.

Journal Design: Engineering Technology, Engineer Naila A. Shurdom

Middle East Regional Coordinator: Lina N. Alasker

Tel. & Fax (407) - 381-2046



August, 1999


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Lina N. Alasker

The Middle East Regional Coordinator