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MECRA Editorial


Murderous Acts:

It is becoming an urgent call to convey a message of human Responsibility!!


Dr. Jamal A. Shurdom
The Executive Director & Chief Editor

We are seriously disappointed by the escalating murderous events of terrorism. It breaks any human hearts to see innocent people getting killed every day under the empty slogans of religious fundamentalism, racism, states' endless national interest, and security perceptions.

We define any bloody action of terrorism or a retaliatory action (counter-attack operation) carried out by an individual, group, organization, state sponsored retaliations which end up killing innocent civilians who have nothing to do with the cause or the non-sense ideological and security objectives.

Killing civilians is unjustifiable for any cause and reason. Civilians should not pay the price, and become the victims of political religious expansionist causes or the illusions and myths of sick-minded fanatics, greedy, irresponsible political leaders.

Killing is the rule of the jungle, it does not serve any human interests. It is uncivilized act and it only damages the reputation and the logic of aspired objectives.

We see the answer in the eyes of peace-loving people. Peace and living in peace is first human priorities. There might be disagreements with the size of peace and political views.

The common cause of all of us that peace is the torch of a civilized man. It is the goal and the obligation of any an honest decent human being. It is very important for us all to maintain it and to enjoy its ripped fruits of harmony and security.

We the people, who are affected the most -must deal with the threat to civilized order and mores with all appropriate measures of fairness and justified solutions.

We strongly condemn all acts of terrorism. Terrorism and states' counter-violence operations must stop. The vicious cycle of violence doesn't represent any human values. We condemn all violence directed at innocent civilians regardless of identity of the perpetrators or the victims.

Terrorism poses significant political and moral challenges. We all should remember the importance of human lives and spirits. Life is short. No one people is chosen and no one is more important than another human being. We all have the equal right to live in peace and harmony. Let us all as peace-loving forces have the courage and wisdom to stand up tall and united in confronting all kinds of non-sense "crazy" fanatics' behavior of states and individuals. All criminals, including the irresponsible political and military leaders of State or states' sponsored counter- violence acts must be brought to justice..

Let us also, remember the fact that we all are the sons and the servants of One Great God-(Allah), the God of the wonderful three God Chosen Prophets: Moses; Jesus; and Muhammad.

We strongly, denounce such bloody acts of violence and we deeply convey our sorrow to all the families of the victims of terrorism.


This editorial was previously printed in MECRA Journal 1998;

The Beirut Times and Almuharer.

Copyright-MECRA, 1998



MECRA Official Disclaimer!

  1. In no way is the material presented this MECRA issue intended to represent or be construed as the policy, beliefs or position of the Middle East Consultations & Research Analysis and its affiliates, or any staff members... This special issue about terrorism is only an attempt to provide informational, educational research analyses purposes only. Terrorism itself got too many definitions and depends of which angle the reader is approaching such definition.
  2. "Adverse mention in these reports, interviews and analyses of individual members of any political, social, ethnic, religious, or national group is not meant to imply that all members of that group are terrorists. Indeed, terrorists represent a small minority of dedicated, often fanatical, individuals in most such groups. It is those small groups - and their actions - that are the subject of this report."
  3. All the information contained in this issue are taken directly from sources published by the U.S. Government agencies, US media, international media, professional Journals and field experts.
  4. With the exception of being formatted to fit the need of our publishing purposes, texts presented in this issue have not been edited in any way as to content.


"The world, as we have come to realize, also recognized the double standard and demands from the United States a higher order of conduct than is expected from others...

If we are faithful to our own values, while following an intelligent, courageous, and consistent line of policy, we are likely to find a high measures of respect we seek abroad."

Late Senator William Fulbright


"Peace is Patriotic"

 The Causes of Middle East Terrorism!

 "...If You Want Security, Work For Justice.

Justice Is the Price of Stability & Peace!"

By Dr. Jamal A. Shurdom


In light of the Wye River Security Accord signed in Washington between the Palestinians and Israeli leadership, it is important to remind Washington that the causes of Middle East terrorism are the result of the following unresolved Arab-Israeli conflict. Any dealings with Middle East terrorism policy, Washington should shed light and seriously consider the following proposed solutions. These are the causes, foundations, realities, conditions, the backbone and the master keys for an "acceptable" everlasting peace and security in the Middle East:

1. The Arab-Israeli mutual recognition in accordance with: A- Israelis 1948 borders rights to survive and to live in peace, freedom, security and sovereignty. B- Palestinians' rights for statehood is the corner stone of such a condition.

2. The internationalization of the Holy City of Jerusalem or any agreement agreed upon between Arabs and Israelis. Jerusalem is the Headquarter of God and no political identity has the right over its sovereignty. The Holy City of all God believers, Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of humanity.

3. The Israeli withdrawal from 1967 occupied Arab lands, including the Golan Heights and Southern Lebanon.

4. The removal of Jewish settlements from Arab occupied lands.

5. To lift the unjustified UN. imposed sanctions on Iraq The innocent people and children of Iraq are suffering as a result of these sanctions. Iraqis have nothing to do with the American-Iraqi political conflict. They should immediately be freed. Iraqi-American face-to-face talks would be the only channel to avoid wars and to reach some kind of understanding, a compromise and a peaceful solution. The wisdom of late King Hussein's idea of a direct US-Iraqi dialogue is the answer.

6. An end to the arms race in the Middle East. This requires eliminating all nuclear and chemical arsenals in the region, both Israelis, Arabs, Iranians, etc. Assuring a comprehensive ban on chemical and nuclear tests; controlling military activities in the Middle East. In the meantime, the U.S. should propose and enforce mutual weapons reductions, and a ceiling on the number and quality of conventional weapons. Constraints should also be imposed on the modernization of some strategic weapons. This arms reduction must be fair to both sides, be adequately verifiable, and lead to mutual security. It is important to remember that experts determined "that Israel had (have) the world's sixth-largest stockpile of nuclear weapons."

7. The support of democracy and Human rights forces in the Middle East. The Arab people as any other people should have the right to choose their own leaders. Washington should play a major role in supporting Middle East underground forces of democracy and human rights. Governments should be elected by the people, not otherwise. This is the 21st century. This is the age of technology and massive communications. This is the age of democracy and human rights. This is the age of the beginning of peoples' political power. This is the age of the end of dictatorships and the rule of the "elite" minority over the wishes of the majority. This the age where governments follow the people, not the other way around.

8. We should always remember the fact that Israel is not the United States. Israel might be enjoying a very distinguished advantages over its very special friendship relations with the US due to the existence of a very powerful Zionist lobby in Washington. But, the fact remains the same that Israel is still a foreign country in our eyes as proud Americans. No country can be trusted (including Israel) with our sensitive classified information (Jonathan Pollard's case). We cannot follow Israel's "non-sense" wishes, expansionist aspirations, and greedy ambitions. Such Israeli "spoiled" behavior is threatening the US national security and interests in the very vital region. Israel cannot survive without the U.S. "Congress's generosity " in economic and military foreign aids." Based on these unshakable facts, the US should be able to design a "fair road' for the Israelis to take, a road to be built on the human principles of our great American Revolution. Israel should follow us not otherwise!

Unlike other presidents, who succumbed under the influence of invisible foreign lobbyists, and who failed to bring about a just peaceful solution, an American even-handed policy is needed as a solid base to counter these serious causes of terrorism. Certainly, we don't want to see our president's office to become a rubber stamp in the hands of foreign lobbyists. A distinguished American columnist angrily described the US president's office as ". The office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Israel".

The President needs a personal courage to confront the enemies of peace "whatever" the cost might be. Peace is to be built on Palestinians-Israelis equality, human justice and mutual interests for both the Israelis and the Palestinians. The despaired Middle East people still have a little hope of the unknown ambiguous future. They need Americans' help. America should give a serious attention to both sides of the Arab-Israeli equation. Remember that there is no one "God chosen" people We all are wonderful people chosen by One God, the same One God, the God of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed (God bless).

Finally, let us all enjoy the fruits of peace and security, under the sky of our lovely holy lands. There will be no peace and security where political freedom and human justice don't exist!



 "Is a type of human behavior (state, group or individual) aimed at harming another person or damaging other's property. It has a kind of an unacceptable harmful behavior with aims at realizing the will of the one who penetrates it to achieve domination in order to compensate for deprivation or the state of frustration from which the individual suffers."

Dr. Jamal A. Shrdum