The Hamas Manifesto

Ten Pronciples of Faith


The ten fundamental principles of faith of Hamas are as follows:

1. Hamas swears to conduct a holy war over Palestine against the Jews until Allah?tm)s victory is achieved.

2. The land must be cleaned of the filth and evil of the tyrannical conquerors.

3. Under the winds of Islam it is possible to have peaceful coexistence with other religious groups. But without Islamic rule over the Dome of the Rock, there can only be hatred, controversy, corruption, and repression.

4. By command of the Prophet, Muslims might fight the Jews and kill them wherever they are.

5. Hamas strives to set up an entity wherein Allah is the highest purpose, the Koran is the law, jihad (holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty it its means, and dying for the sake of Allah is the noblest wish.

6. Palestine is a holy Islamic entity until the end of time. Therefore, it is non-negotiable and no one can give up any part of it.

7. It is a personal, religious commandment for every Muslim to engage in the jihad until the land is redeemed.

8.Hamas opposes any kind of international talks or negotiations as well as any possible peace arrangement. Sovereignty over the land is strictly a religious matter and conducting negotiation over it means giving up some measure of control by (Islam?tm)s) believers.

9. The Jews control the media and the world financial institutions. By means of revolution and war, and organizations, such as the Masons, Communists, capitalists, Zionists, Rotary, Lions, B?tm)nai B?tm)rith, and the like, they undermine human society as a whole in order to destroy it. By their evil corruption, they try to gain domination of the world by such institutions as the United Nations and its Security Council. More details of their iniquity be found in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

10. Hamas opposes any secular state the PLO would seek to create in Palestine, since by definition it would be anti-Islamic. On the other hand, if the PLO would adopt Islam and follow its flag, then all of (the PLO?tm)s) members would become freedom fighters who would light the fire to consume the enemy.


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